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The new GR (and debian-legal)

My position on the current general resolution is simple and consistent with my GR 2004-003 vote: I will vote to Revert to old wording of SC and rank everything else after Further discussion.

I do not share the religious belief affirming that everything which is not DFSG-free is harmful to our users, especially considering that the DFSG letter and interpretation in the last year has been changed to remove works we considered free when I joined the project. I already explained why distributing binary firmwares is important for our users and will not repeat my arguments here.

MJ Ray is unhappy again with my posts here, but I do not feel I have misrepresented the situation on debian-legal. The MPL discussion ended many days ago with few opponents, so I can't see how he can state that "discussion still continues". (No, I have no plan to discuss this on debian-legal, I prefer to use my time to do useful work on my packages.)

And again, he appears to be unclear on the concept of compromise: if moving binary-only firmwares to non-free is the position he has been supporting from the beginning, on what would he be compromising by graciously allowing it?


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