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Many people are complaining of being deceived by the latest GR. It was quite clear to me that its purpose is to force considering documentation and data the same thing as software, the proponent has been supporting this view for a long time. I do not believe that it was only an "editorial" change, but I did not raise objections while the vote was open because nobody else did, so I concluded that nobody else cared (yes: this is lame).

I fully support aj's decision of refusing to release sarge until it will comply with the SC. It should be even more obvious now that many developers refuse to believe that documentation is software, so the change was just not "editorial".

I will leave the rant about the firmwares madness for another day, let's just say that refusing to ship firmwares in main pretty much guarantees that non-free will be essential for a long time for many of our users.

What Steve Kemp is actually looking for is SLP, the Service Location Protocol, whose implementation is even packaged for debian. Rendezvous is not the correct solution because it's designed to work only on a LAN (multicast packets are sent with TTL=255 to a link-local multicast address).

BTW, it's really sad that almost no free applications use zeroconf technologies like Rendezvous and SLP.

liw: one of my next naming themes will be african dictators.

Keybuk: pink is nice.


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