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On having a track record in operating systems development

Now that Debian 12 has been released with proprietary firmwares on the official media, non-optional merged-/usr and systemd adopted by everybody, I want to take a moment to list, not without some pride, a few things that I was right about over the last 20 years:

Accepting the obvious solution about firmwares took 18 years. My work on the merged-/usr transition started in 2014, and the first discussions about replacing sysvinit are from 2011. The general adoption of udev (and dynamic device names, and persistent network interface names...) took less time in comparison and no large-scale flame wars, since people could enable it at their own pace. But it required countless little debates in the Debian Bug Tracking System: I still remember the people insisting that they would never use this newfangled dynamic /dev/, or complaining about their beloved /dev/cdrom symbolic link and persistent network interface names.

So follow me for more rants about inevitable technologies.


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