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On compromise, and updated packages

MJ Ray is still unclear on the concept of compromise. The important issue being discussed is not if sarge should be released now or next year, but if the new interpretations of the SC are acceptable or not. This is why the only relevant options on the last ballot were "reaffirm the changes" and "rescind the changes": the others are only different shades of the first, which in the end would still reaffirm the new, clarified social contract.

Another usually forgotten point is that pragmatism is hard to reconcile with matters of principle: people usually do not compromise on moral issues.

I'm happy to see that people like Matthew Garrett and Florian Weimer started posting something sensible to debian-legal and asking the right kind of questions. I hope others will follow.

In the last two days, I uploaded a few new packages:

I had no time yet to work on the USB coldplugging code in hotplug, but I have a few good ideas and have just bought a 9.90€ ADSL modem to test them.


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