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I uploaded a new mutt package which fixes many bugs, thanks to the work of Adeodato Simó.

Today I started working again on hotplug, so far I closed or fixed all the new bugs not related to USB (my next task) or networking (I'm waiting for an interim fix to use in sarge).

Josselin Mouette is one of the funny persons thinking that all kernel contributors and all other distributions do not understand the GPL or, even worse, are deliberately violating it. Again, I trust more the professional opinion of the laywers of Red Hat and SuSE (which unlike Debian are actual companies at risk of being sued) than the debian-legal armchair lawyers.

MJ Ray instead appears to be confused: how could moving the firmware files to non-free be considered a compromise, while we all know that non-free is not a part of debian? And as he notes, this would destroy forever every attempt to make non-free not relevant anymore for our users. I already explained why I consider distributing some data files in main good for our users and for free software, so I will not repeat here my arguments.


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