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Extending access to the systemd RuntimeDirectory with a POSIX ACL

inn2 uses ephemeral UNIX domain sockets in /run/news/ to communicate with the ctlinnd program. Since the directory is only writeable by the "news" user, other unprivileged users are not able to use the command.

I solved this by extending the inn2.service systemd unit with a drop-in file which uses setfacl to give access to my user "md" to the RuntimeDirectory created by systemd. This is the content of /etc/systemd/system/inn2.service.d/md-ctlinnd.conf:

# innd will change the permissions of /run/news/ when started: without
# creating it now with mode 0775 then that will change the ACL mask.
# allow user md to run ctlinnd(8), which creates sockets in /run/news/
ExecStartPost=/usr/bin/setfacl --modify user:md:rwx $RUNTIME_DIRECTORY

The non-obvious issue here is that the innd daemon on startup will change the directory permissions in a way which sets a more restrictive (non group-writeable) ACL mask, and this would make the newly created user ACL ineffective. The solution is to create the directory group-writeable from start.

(Beware: this creates a trivial privileges escalation from md to news.)


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