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Debian bookworm on a Lenovo T14s Gen3 AMD

I recently upgraded my laptop to a Lenovo T14s Gen3 AMD and I am happy to report that it works just fine with Debian/unstable using a 5.19 kernel.

The only issue is that some firmware files are still missing and I had to install them manually.

Updates are needed for the firmware-amd-graphics package (#1019847) for the Radeon 680M GPU (AMD Rembrandt) and for the firmware-atheros package (#1021157) for the Qualcomm NFA725A Wi-Fi card (which is actually reported as a NFA765).

s2idle (AKA "modern suspend") works too, and a ~10 seconds delay on resume has been removed by setting iommu=pt on the kernel command line.

For improved energy efficiency it is recommended to switch from the acpi_cpufreq CPU frequency scaling driver to amd_pstate. Please note that so far it is not loaded automatically.

As expected, fwupdmgr can update the system BIOS and the firmware of the NVMe device. Everybody should do it immediately, because there are major suspend bugs with BIOS releases earlier than 1.25.


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