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Wouter, you are showing well that you have no idea of how udev works and what are the issues being discussed in the last few days. #317333 is caused by a trivial packaging error which I fixed today and has nothing to do with the issues you experienced many months ago, something which would have been apparent if you had taken the time to read it before starting your rant.

Like a few other people you do not use udev and have not followed its development. You violently propose solutions to the problems you perceive and when I start explaining why they do not work then you recourse to flaming. I will not be intimidated by this while there are many other people who appreciate my work and are profitably contributing to improve the coldplug/hotplug/udev subsystem.

This is well beyond silliness, so I'm not going to continue with this blog ping-pong. If there is anything you actually want to contribute then feel free to send patches or to discuss your strategy with me, after you will have learnt what udev is nowadays and where it is going.


Sono l'Italia che non vuole bene.

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