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New openbsd-inetd and udev packages

On the udev front I fixed a couple of bugs and added some code to detect broken kernels which allow mounting a non-working tmpfs, which has been a very annoying problem for some users.

The new openbsd-inetd package has been an interesting challenge, because since this release it fully replaces netkit-inetd. The problem is that when this happens (because a package conflicts, replaces and provides at the same time another package) the other package is removed but not purged, so I had to unlink its conffiles in postinst. I also had to use a different name for the init script, or when purging the old package update-rc.d would fail finding the new file in place. I welcome suggestions for better solutions to these issues.

Among the advantages of this package over netkit-inetd there are complete IPv6 support, with the ability to create normal or old style mapped sockets (no matter how the net.ipv6.bindv6only sysctl is configured), support for binding a service to a specific IP address, tuning of TCP buffers, built-in tcp wrappers and UNIX domain sockets. inetd-haters will like it because the daemon is not started if there are no services configured.

I also uploaded a new ppp package, with some minor bug fixes and officially deprecating /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot. I cannot package yet the latest release because the package is frozen and depends on libpcap0.8 which will not be in base for sarge, but it should not contain anything important that has not already been patched here.

This week I spent a lot of time playing tetrinet, so I did not work on the long overdue hotplug update...

On unrelated notes, I'm happy to see that today libhowl0 has been installed on my system. Using it to publish or browse services is very easy, so I hope that more applications will soon start supporting Zeroconf.


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