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Important progresses with hotplug

I started co-maintaining hotplug, and today Fumitoshi UKAI uploaded the new package I made from scratch with a few bug more fixes by him. Looks like there is still some brokeness left, but I will investigate it tomorrow and upload a new package. (If it hangs at boot time please press ^C. You can fix this by disabling the creation of /etc/nohotplug in the init script.)

Do not forget that now hotplug will automatically load the modules for your PCI devices, so you should install it even if you do not have real hotplug devices. This obsoletes some of the functionality of discover and kudzu (actually I'm interested in receiving reports about what these packages can do which hotplug does not).

On the udev front, many people tried it and some have found a few bugs and unexpected behaviours. I will try to package the new release this week end with a traditional /dev layout and improved documentation. I encourage everybody to try it anyway, if something breaks too badly you can just boot with init=/bin/bash and rename its init script.

ppp is being kept out of testing again because of m68k, and I even remember some porter telling me that it was being built a few days ago... Maybe it's really not their fault and m68k is really as good as the other doorstop ports, but for some reason it's almost always the one which keeps my packages out of testing for no good reason.

I still get tens of spam messages from the BTS every day, I hope the BTS administrators will install soon the URL-based filter I sent them.


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